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Good Bargain Players to Start the Season

By: Colin Buesser


One of the most important parts of MLS fantasy is finding high value production in players in your lineup who do not have a premier price tag. Week in and week out everyone will have their selection of 9-11 million dollar salary players such as Diego Valeri, Josef Martinez, Ignacio Piatti, etc. As we all know, you are usually not alone in these picks and your possession of them in your lineup only keeps you on par with the rest of the league to an extent. The way in which you find yourself breaking away from the competition (especially in DFS) is with cheaper players who provide top tier numbers. Whether this means fitting a player in your system who is cheap and ends up with enough consistency to not hurt you or finding a cheap beast to outperform your studs, here is a list of possible players to start you on the right foot this season. (The following is a list of mid tier players who are valued under 8 million dollars according to MLS Fantasy 2018. Please note this list is merely conjecture, and some of these players' real life value will vary based on the number of minutes they receive in their team's 2018 system)

Tyler Adams (7.5m)Adams is such a talented young player who demonstrated his skill in 2017 across 24 games. He played all over the pitch for the Red Bulls, and while he only managed 2 goals and 4 assists, he racked up 141 total fantasy points. That is an impressive amount of production for few stats and a decent bit away from a full season. Adams is involved all over the pitch both on offense and defense, and after such a strong showing last year, look for the Red Bulls to feature him as an integral part of their lineup this year, and starting him in the vast majority of their games. I fully expect his value to rise as the season gets under way, and plan to hold him as an investment of sorts in this regard. In addition to a probable uptick in monetary value, he should produce solid numbers for the price tag he has been given. Tyler Adams has a lot more to show the league this season, and I expect that to equate to high value fantasy numbers.


Gustav Svensson (7m)Gustav Svensson was incredibly consistent last year, producing solid numbers week in and week out without being a large member of the attack. Playing mostly in the defensive midfield, he made his money through tackles and pass completion in fantasy as most top tier CDM's do in fantasy. His one goal and four assists was nothing special, but his consistent defensive and buildup play carried him to 161 total fantasy points, with durability showing him 32 games played last season. An important thing to keep an eye on this year is how the Sounders lineup week by week, as they have a decently deep roster. Svensson's experience and 2017 performance should see him suit up for the majority of the 2018 season, however I am no expert on the Sounders. Additionally, Svensson will be attempting to showcase his skill in order to work his way into Sweden's lineup in the upcoming World Cup. Expect hunger, durability, and consistency from Svensson this season, and feel safe starting him in your MLS or DFS lineups as a id range salary player. 

Wilfried Zahibo (7m)Zahibo is an incredibly physical player who, based on his preseason performance, enjoys playing an aggressive game. He will be someone in MLS this year who could quite possibly contend with players like Alexander Ring for total tackles. For players like Zahibo, this is incredibly important as he will not be scoring or assisting at any high volume. Look for him to secure consistent mid range numbers through tackles, passes completed, and interceptions. Zahibo will be an integral part of New England's defensive midfield, accumulating a stockpile of defensive fantasy stats. 7m is not a bad price for a player who is guaranteed minutes and prime opportunity via defensive volume.

The final ten players are in similar positions to the aforementioned players, as they have potential to provide good numbers either through consistent midfield production or through offensive prowess. All of these players should be monitored at the bare minimum, because should they find themselves invariably in the starting lineups of their respective clubs, they could be absolute steals for their prices.

Latif Blessing (6.5m)

Kellyn Acosta (7.5)

Samuel Piette (7.5m)

Gerso Fernandes (7.5m)

Michael Azira (7m)

Alfredo Ortuño (7.5m)

Yangel Herrera (6.5m)

Abu Danladi (6.5m)

Nicolás Mezquida (6m)

Callum Mallace (5.5m)