Day: October 16, 2019


By the Numbers: Who Has the Best Chance in the East?

Looking at the clear top 3: ATL, NYCFC, Philly For today, our metric of quality will be overall record of these teams when playing opponents in the east that are above the playoff line. A team’s record is a great way to see where they stack up overall, but in the playoffs, it does not […]

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Regular Season

What to Watch for on Decision Day 2019

One of the biggest days of the MLS season has now dawned upon us and besides opening day will most likely be one of the most watched weekends in MLS this season. All games will start at 4 p.m EST and will simultaneously take place and end at the same time. With 12 matches on […]

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If Leagues Had Star Ratings in FIFA 20: Where MLS Stands

We all know the feeling of sitting down with a friend to face off in FIFA and attempting to find an even matchup by team star rating. Whether you enter the atmosphere of el Clasico or prepare for an international competition, the first thing to catch your eye is the star rating of you and […]

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