We are now in the time of year when the topic comes up of whether winning the Supporter’s Shield or MLS Cup is more important. 

Social media will feature plenty of people hurling insults at and attacking the intelligence of those on the other side of the argument as though it is a political debate on Facebook. But in reality, nobody is right or wrong and it is truly a matter of opinion as well as perspective. 

Americans are nurtured into sports fans that covet a trophy for a championship or cup, but still regarding the number one seed(s) with high esteem whether they win in the postseason or not. 

Many of us love one-off games and series’ that put an entire season in the balance, as we thrive on the intensity. However, the majority of soccer fans in the world have their priorities reversed, enjoying and respecting cups and their winners while putting the team with the most points on the highest pedestal. 

As The United States has an incredibly diverse population, many citizens who have become fans of Major League Soccer come from soccer cultures that emphasize the importance of topping the table above all else, ore simply agree with that train of thought.

Soccer in America has the beautiful potential to appeal to both U.S. sports fans as well as international soccer fans, and this is simply an exemplification of that. Neither accolade will be cast aside, and neither can be accepted as superior in absolution. 

In the meantime, respect your fellow MLS fans as we are all on the same side in the long run, and enjoy the hell out of the 2019 postseason. 

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