If Leagues Had Star Ratings in FIFA 20: Where MLS Stands

We all know the feeling of sitting down with a friend to face off in FIFA and attempting to find an even matchup by team star rating. Whether you enter the atmosphere of el Clasico or prepare for an international competition, the first thing to catch your eye is the star rating of you and your opponent’s teams. When you scroll through the league from which you will select your team however, there is no overall rating. We decided to break down where several leagues around the world fall in FIFA 20 based on average team star rating (This is not an exhaustive list). While some leagues hold more outliers than other, the majority seem to hold a pretty consistent spread of high and low star ratings. Well, maybe not that many low where the BPL is concerned. Major League Soccer, along with many leagues in FIFA, has some indisputably egregiously underrated players in the game, but the real question is; Are MLS teams underrated? Take a look for yourself.

#1 Premier League 4.23 Stars

#2 La Liga 4.18 Stars

#3 Bundesliga 4.03 Stars (4.028)

#4 Serie A 4.03 Stars (4.025)

#5 Ligue 1 3.78 Stars

#6 Süper Lig 3.36 Stars

#7 Liga Nos 3.33 Stars

#8 Russian League 3.28 Stars (FIFA 18′ Rating, no longer in games)

#9 Liga do Brasil 3.43 Stars

#10 Liga BBVA MX 3.24 Stars

#11 EFL Championship 3.21 Stars

#12 SAF 3.19 Stars

#13 Major League Soccer 3.08 Stars

#14 Pro League 3.06 Stars

#15 Bundesliga 2 2.92 Stars

#16 La Liga Smartbank 2.91 Stars

#17 Eredivisie 2.75 Stars

#18 Calcio B 2.68 Stars

19# Camp. AFP Planvita 2.47 Stars

#20 Ligue 2 2.35 Stars

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