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5 Goals,

0 Assists

Flashback Nani 

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2 Goals,

3 Assists

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2 Goals

3 Assists

TOTW Nicolás Lodeiro 

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10 Goals,

10 Assists

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5 Goals,

9 Assists

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TOTW Jay Simpson Player Review

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FIFA 19: 30 Game Review

Currently I'm 30 games into FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and at times it has been all fun and games, and other times I've wanted to pull my hair out. Below I'll talk about game play differences that I've noticed from 18' and the best method to make coins this year.


So scoring got way more difficult in this year's edition in contrast to other FIFA's in recent memory. As you play you'll notice that most goals are scored in unorthodox fashion such as rebounds, deflections, loose balls, etc. which I like to an extent since it adds a level of realism to the game, The most efficient way I've found to score is long shots with a clear path from defenders and the occasional through ball. I haven't dabbled in the timed shooting, but I have used it off corners and scored a couple of goals that way. In general you're going to see a lot more 1-0, 2-1 matches in this year's rendition.


The lack of offense translates perfectly into the rise of defense that I basically felt right away. The midfield essentially became a free-for-all war zone while I was learning player movement and positions. True CDM's (Casemiro, Matuidi, etc.) are essential in a squad and really prove  their worth when the opponent drives downfield. Defensive reactions and dribbling have all progressed miles since last year, but have been much more noticeable on the defensive side. When choosing a defense, don't worry as much about pace as in previous FIFA's, rather focus on commonly overlooked in-game stats such as marking, strength, and aggression.

No More Overpowered Premier League?

It's early and I know a lot of the good players in the Premier League haven't been tapped into just yet, but I have yet to notice broken Premier players (Martial, Rashford, Jesus, Smalling, Bailly). All the players I've gone up against and used seem fair to their rankings and real life ability; which was must needed after the countless losses suffered from the Premier League elite in FIFA 18. Cheap beasts are still going to be a thing for awhile, until more coins enter the market, but for now the team ability holds decently true to the players that make it.

We're Going to Make a Lot of Cash

This years overhaul of Online Seasons not only contains a better ranking system (skill rating) but also pays out a lot better than previous FIFA's. Right now I'm in Division 5 and got all the way to rank one, which wasn't that hard to do; maybe like 20 games played while winning half. The payout which comes once a week gives you three prize rewards. The only one that caught my eye was the 58,000 coins. 58,000. At that rate, winning rank one in a mid-tier division will make you very rich; 696,000 coins in three months from prize earnings to be exact. It looks like we'll all be enjoying icons this year. Oh and that's not even factoring Weekend League rewards which was the most profitable game play option last season.

FIFA 19 MLS Wish List

By: Colin Buesser


There are an endless number of things that many of us would like to see in an upcoming FIFA franchise for our beloved league. There are varying opinions on how our players are rated in the game, but whatever you believe to be true we can all agree that we want to see more from EA in the presentation of MLS. Here are a few things that I am hoping to see in the upcoming installment, feel free to reach out to us to tell us what your wish list is! 

1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

  • Stadium atmospheres can play a huge role in the enjoyment you have in game. If you use MLS players almost exclusively in Ultimate Team like I do, then you probably set your squad in StubHub Center or Century Link Field to capture a MLS genuine feeling. Additionally you might pick a high capacity international stadium to see 70,000 virtual fans with your team's kit on. 

2. Don't slash our stars' ratings

  • It has been a trend for players coming to MLS to have their ratings tanked, especially pace. I would not be surprised if 88 overall Zlatan from the 18' edition quickly drops to an 86 with unusably low pace. Rooney will most likely need an IF or two to become decent, but with only about a month of MLS in the beginning of the year, there is not much time for IF's. Carlos Vela has proven in the league and even the World Cup that he is a quality player who has not been burdened by age yet. Hopefully EA respects that.

3. MLS All Stars

  • Where on earth were the MLS All Stars in FIFA this year? Many of us were waiting all summer and possibly all game to get quality MLS options (especially on defense). EA deferred from making their presence known in the game this year despite a deal which put Carlos Vela in the real team via the FIFA franchise. If you are like me, you are praying for an MLS TOTS after MLS Cup, which would make the entire year amazing for us even though their prices would be quite high as the earliest TOTS in the game. 

4. Treat our young stars with respect, not just the old ones. 

  • Kaku, Barco, Medina, Savarino, and Valenzuela are all players who's ratings I fear for. Hopefully they are granted decent and usable ratings, even if they are only silvers.